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It doesn't take skill or talent to work hard, you just have to want to do it.

BODYPLAN Executive Lifestyle Program

This program is only for a limited number of key clients who wish to avail of in-person personal training (Dubai based only). BODYPLAN’s approach is monitor and make data driven decisions towards peak mental and physical performance with the integration of Whoop, the fitness and health wearable. BODYPLAN utilizes the most advanced, always-on precision tracking technology to monitor all aspects of health and wellbeing. Decisions are made based on data, to optimise sleep, nutrition, fitness, mental performance, and more.

The BODYPLAN Executive Program is designed for those who need help with structure and planning around their training regime as well as guidance on their day to day nutrition. We all have busy lives and sometimes we lose sight of the importance of self care and the impact it can have on us and those around us.

I want to work with people who WANT to work. And what does that mean? People who sign up, need to commit to what BODYPLAN stands for. This will require their time, hard work and an honest approach with me and most importantly themselves. I am passionate about helping people who want to learn.

I will help educate, inspire and motivate those who are willing to commit but when it comes down to it, you are the only person who can decide if you really want to make a positive change to your live, So why not allow me help you take that first step on the journey to making yourself more!

BODYPLAN Aspiring Athlete Programme

The BODYPLAN Aspiring Athlete programme is designed for those who are functioning at a high level within elite sports teams and need to gain a specific edge around their training regime and general skill set, be that speed, agility, mindset, flexibility or mobility.

As a professional athlete I have a deep understanding of how important gaining that extra edge is. I will work with you in person or remotely to deliver a specific tailored plan.

I am passionate about sports and helping people who want to learn and improve. Through this programme I will help educate, inspire and motivate you so you can ultimately work towards gaining that competitive edge.


Working With Peter

An Expert In His Field With Over 20 Years Experience

Professional Rugby Player With Over 20 Years’ Playing Experience At The Highest Level For Both Club And Country Amassing 456 Professional Games. Most Capped Player Of All Time In European Competitions With 113 Appearances. Winner Of 2 European Cups, 3 Celtic Leagues And 1 Celtic Cup With Munster. Most Capped Scrum Half For Ireland With 98 Caps, Winner Of 3 Triple Crowns And A Grand Slam. Passionate About Fitness, Nutrition And Living A Healthy Lifestyle.

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