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BODYPLAN aims to help people make an overall life lasting change for the better, enhancing the body and mind. Our app is for EVERYBODY and the programs will be flexible in their design, giving you the chance to work out anywhere. It doesn’t matter if you are a complete novice or working out is second nature to you, our programs and nutrition guidance with our recipes, can help you change the way you want to live your life.

Whether your goal is to become a better athlete through improvement in strength and speed or simply someone who just wants to move and feel better when they get out of bed in the morning, BODYPLAN has the tools for you.

Included are resistance training sessions to be done in the gym or home workouts where minimal equipment is available, flexibility & mobility sessions to enhance recovery and improve general movement, speed & agility sessions, aerobic running conditioning sessions, running preparation drills and many more. Begin today and make yourself more.

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Why should you join BODYPLAN?

BODYPLAN Executive Lifestyle Program

This program is only for a limited number of key clients who wish to avail of in-person personal training (Dubai based only). BODYPLAN’s approach is monitor and make data driven decisions towards peak mental and physical performance with the integration of Whoop, the fitness and health wearable. BODYPLAN utilizes the most advanced, always-on precision tracking technology to monitor all aspects of health and wellbeing. Decisions are made based on data, to optimise sleep, nutrition, fitness, mental performance, and more.

The BODYPLAN Executive Program is designed for those who need help with structure and planning around their training regime as well as guidance on their day to day nutrition. We all have busy lives and sometimes we lose sight of the importance of self care and the impact it can have on us and those around us.

I want to work with people who WANT to work. And what does that mean? People who sign up, need to commit to what BODYPLAN stands for. This will require their time, hard work and an honest approach with me and most importantly themselves. I am passionate about helping people who want to learn.

I will help educate, inspire and motivate those who are willing to commit but when it comes down to it, you are the only person who can decide if you really want to make a positive change to your live, So why not allow me help you take that first step on the journey to making yourself more!

How To Use The BODYPLAN App

BODYPLAN app guideline
BODYPLAN app guideline


The Ultimate Professional

“When working and playing with Peter it does not take long to realise he is the ultimate professional in everything he applies himself to.

His knowledge in the areas of fitness and nutrition as well as how to develop a positive mindset are second to none. The BODYPLAN programme embodies everything that Peter believes in and will no doubt help guide many people in making positive sustainable healthy changes to their lives.“

Paul O'Connell - Former Professional Rugby Player

“I started working out with Peter over 18 months ago and its been a fantastic experience. I had gone from always being on the move to sitting in front of a computer screen all the time.
I needed an external force to get me moving and to keep me focused on my personal health goals.

Peter’s ability to assess my needs and his ability to motivate me using BODYPLAN is second to none.  The great thing is that I’ve done these sessions in person and on video and both work really well.
If you have the desire to make a positive change and take control, this programme is the obvious choice. Do it today, you won’t regret it!“

Liam Casey - Entrepreneur

There are No Limits

“I worked with Peter and knew what he would bring in physicality. He also brings incredible focus on task and an infectious positive mindset, to be effective in any situation.

His ability to be resilient and endure physical, mental and emotional adversity is superb. He knows how to tap into that power and I’ve rarely seen someone with such a strong blend of Body, Mind and Soul . Which means for him there are no limits, making him an outstanding asset to any team.”

Ray Goggins - Chief Instructor Ultimate Hell Week

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Membership Options
Membership Options